If God were allowed in our schools, there would never be a problem ever

If there’s one argument that really bugs me, it’s that one. “Our children aren’t allowed to read the Bible in school or pray! No wonder people who are not in the school come in and shoot them!”

Besides being absolutely wrong — you are allowed to pray in school and bring your Bible. You can even have Bible study groups after school and everything. What you can’t do is force everyone else to do it, too — this argument doesn’t make a damn bit of sense. What, if the kids had been forced to pray, then the gunman would have gone somewhere else? Should I point out the number of shootings that have taken place in churches?

Or maybe they are saying that God is so petty that he allows innocent children to be killed to make a point?

You want religion in schools, go to a private school. You want your country to support a religion? Maybe you should try one of those countries the Taliban runs.

6 thoughts on “If God were allowed in our schools, there would never be a problem ever

  1. The only way religion should be presented in a public school environment is as a Religions of the World course. Religion and Bible studies classes like what I was subjected to in Catholic school have no place in public education. If a parent wants their child to learn about their particular faith, take them to church/temple/mosque.


  2. I don’t think there is anything wrong with teaching kids about religion in school…as long as they teach all religions, like in the Religions of the World course. Religion is actually fascinating and gives a unique perspective into the development of civilizations and politics throughout history. (However, since I majored in Religion, I may be biased.)


    • And that also would not violate the Constitution, so long as it was taught properly. The problem is that some school districts in places like Texas have “comparative religion” classes where the kids are taught “Here is the real religion, and now let’s look at all the fake ones.” That’s why it’s probably better to just avoid it completely.


  3. For some strange reason, religious people think that installing a “religion chip” into everyone Else’s brains will solve every worldly problem.

    It’s one of those cognitive dissonance things that just plain appalls me and often makes me wonder why so many people insist on being such lazy thinkers wanting to the lead rather than merely finding their own way as “God probably intended”.


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