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4 thoughts on “Editorial cartoon of the day

  1. There’s a push in Chicago to get the minimum wage up to $15 an hour. Sadly, the people in those positions now don’t realize that if it goes up to $15, all it will do is motivate companies to get rid of their low-wage help & start making college degree grads compete for part time counter help positions (Already happening in certain Massachusetts McDonalds franchises, requiring a degree & 1-2 years experience for counter help).

    (In retrospect not really related to the post. I think I was motivated by the barista in the cartoon.)


  2. I think the difference is that Collins is the first professional athlete to come out while still playing. (Although at his age, with his limited skills, he’s not likely to continue.) There are many more people who will hear about Collins than will hear about a barista. Collins has recognition that the barista does not. And frankly, professional sports are seen as way more macho than being a barista is. Collins is breaking the code of silence that professional athletes seem bound to. It’s okay to stand up for and speak in favor of equality for the homosexual population, but admit you are gay yourself? That has not happened before in professional sports. That’s why he is being hailed as a hero, while the average gay person is just seen as another guy behind the counter. (Not saying it is right, but I think it is true.)


  3. Let me clarify that I mean no _male_ professional athlete has previously come out as gay while still active in the sport.


  4. I agree that it is the environment. Just like someone coming out as gay in Austin is not as courageous as someone coming out in Houston. (which still makes no sense to me, but humans never do) Someone coming out in Vider is just suicidal. Hero is still silly, but there are social and safety issues with a male athelete that are not near as great with a barrista.


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