Lying about Benghazi

Turns out there is a scandal after all.

The Republicans have searched for one since the incident happened. First they claimed that Obama never called it a terrorist act (like that is a crime). Turns out he did, the very next day. Remember how Romney tried to accuse him of that during the debate and instead just looked completely incompetent? That was fun.

Other than that, I haven’t been able to completely figure out what they’re saying. Apparently they are mad because the Obama administration didn’t have 20/20 hindsight to realize it was a terrorist attack. If there is something more, no one has been able to entirely explain it yet.

But one thing they said turns out to be true: Talking point memos were changed to make it seem that it was something other than it was.

Turns out though that those memos were changed by Republicans in their press releases to reporters, and not by the Obama administration.

Fake quotes. They just made them up.

So when people say that there is a scandal going on concerning Benghazi, you can reply “Yes, there is! I see it now!”

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