2016 Democratic Presidential Straw Poll

Let’s just have some fun with a meaningless poll this far before any primary.

Not everyone is convinced Hillary Clinton or even Joe Biden will run in 2016.

Who do you think will run for the Democratic primary?

Not who you think will win; not who would you like to run. Who do you think will run?

You can vote for up to four.

5 thoughts on “2016 Democratic Presidential Straw Poll

  1. The only one I know among the candidates that would be worthy of my vote is Elizabeth Warren. As an “other” I would seriously consider Ed Rendell.

    As I’m a registered Repbulican with moderately conservative views, my preference would be for current New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.


  2. Surprised by how many people think Warren will run. I don’t think so. Hope not, she’s pretty valuable in the Senate. I’d guess that if anybody besides Clinton is the nominee, Warren would get serious consideration for veep. Again, she’s doing more valuable work in the Senate.


  3. I don’t think Warren will leave the senate just yet; she’s just getting started there and seems primed for a long tenure.

    It’s still early, and someone (or several someones) may yet pop up to run, but based on the current buzz (or lack thereof) I wouldn’t be surprised to see Clinton and a handful of ‘also rans’. The fact that the Democratic establishment appears to already be coalescing behind her may serve to discourage some who have the potential to be serious competition.

    Things could yet be broken wide open, but that’s how it feels three and a half years out.

    Christie would be an interesting Republican nominee, though I can’t help but wonder if the party is incapable of nominating him to the general election in the current climate.


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