Sex with animals

What is it with these religious conservatives and sex with animals? Whenever people want to have a reasonable debate about gay marriage, it always degenerates into that. “If you allow gays to get married, then you have to also allow people to marry their dogs!”

Why don’t they ever use animals for other laws they’ve opposed over the years? “If you allow women to vote, then you’ll also have to allow turtles!” “If we allow schools to use affirmative action to admit minorities, then they’ll have to also admit squirrels!” “If you have to read rights to someone who committed a crime, then clearly you’ll also have to read rights to a cow before you slaughter it!”

Well, no. Those of us who are not crazy understand this.

I guess it’s because these people hate sex so much. I mean, these are also the same people who think that birth control, sex education, and oral sex are evil and should be illegal. To them, sex between two consenting men or women is just as evil as sex with a non-consenting animal. And so, like many of the more conservative right, they want to force their religious views on the rest of us.

The problem is that the faulty logic that works in their minds looks completely crazy to everyone else.

8 thoughts on “Sex with animals

  1. A one time acquaintance of mine, routinely called this obsessive problem of theirs (please excuse my french here) ‘mental masturbation’, and he liked to point out that they have a habit of strenuously prohibiting all those little flashes of things/idea’s that are popping into their minds because their sex drive is basically driving them batty from suppressing it or admitting they even have one.

    He kind of described as just like someone squeezing a blob of silly putty in their hand, and causing it to start squishing out in other areas, which he thought was creating all this strangeness.

    Basically that, lying to yourself like that, causes even more problems for your mental quietude!

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  2. I really, really object to that stupid question. Comparing homosexual marriages to someone marrying an animal — suggesting that one partner, at least, is no better than a squirrel or a cat. It’s really offensive. And why are people so focused on the sex part of any marriage? Sure, sex is a part of most marriage, but it isn’t the be-all and end-all of marriage, but marriage is about so much more, no matter the gender of the people getting married!

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    • EUREKA!!! You hit the nail directly on the head. BECAUSE the people in question have different sexuality, preferances or desires, they are considered animals or animalistic. NOT saying they are correct or even remotely right, just their thought process. Mind it for the harder they close their minds the less a grip on reality they have!

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  3. The vast majority of them do not understand the difference between consentual sex and spousal rape and you expect them to grasp the concept of love? You’re trying to explain condoms before you’ve explained what that squirrel is doing to that other squrirrel. Their favorite prophet, Paul,(since they follow much less of what Jesus said) said marriage is for those too consumed with lust to abstain. That is a big hurdle. They need to start with the squirrel talk, then go to the consentual sex talk and they always want to jump from the squirrel to whores of Babylon before getting to the consentual sex.

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  4. … You know, I kind of figured if I titled this post “sex with animals” I’d get more people reading it. I was right. This post has received more hits than any other except the one about the atheist monument (which was shared by an atheist group, grabbing lots of hits).

    Headlines matter. 🙂


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