Another referendum on Obamacare loses

Romney ran on a platform he claimed was a “referendum on Obamacare” and lost. Cuccinelli in Virginia did the same thing and also lost yesterday. This is also after they tried 42 times to repeal it, and after they appealed it to the United States Supreme Court and lost.

How many times do you guys have to be hit over the head until you get it?doctor-obama

Of course, the Cuccinelli crowd is spinning this as if it was a win. “We did better than expected based on the polls,” they say. “Clearly this was because people didn’t like Obamacare.”

Had Cuccinelli won, they would have claimed it was about Obamacare and felt vindicated, saying “See? People don’t want Obamacare.” But he lost, and they’re still saying “See? People don’t want Obamacare.”

When you define the terms so that you win no matter what, you’re being dishonest and hypocritical.

Besides, given the GOP voter suppression going on, there may be another perfectly good explanation as to why the Democratic vote wasn’t as good as pollsters thought it would be.

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