It snowed yesterday so clearly there is no global warming

“It’s snowing so therefore there is no global warming” is like saying “I know a guy who smoked for years and never got cancer so clearly scientists are wrong and cigarettes aren’t bad for you.”

It’s pretty simple to disprove climate change. Submit your research to peer review and if it is conclusive, science will acknowledge it. That’s how it works.

Every time someone says to me “climate change has been proven wrong” they point me to some internet article, usually by someone who is not a climate scientist, denying what 99% of all scientists say. It’s a conclusion that isn’t peer reviewed and usually is backed by industries that want to deny climate change because they are afraid of government conservation policies.

Now, it’s good to be cynical and skeptical.  That’s what science is all about.  But when the vast majority of people whose job it is to know these things say it’s true, why should I, who have no experience in these things, not believe them? dr-evil

It always amazes me how people only deny science when it contradicts their already held political or religious views. They never seem to challenge the theory of relativity or the theory of gravity.  Evolution?  Can’t be true because God told me so.  Climate change?  Can’t be true because Fox News told me so.

Do you really think that scientists, whose livelihood relies upon being correct, would lie about this?  That there is a vast conspiracy of scientists who have made up the research from every country on earth and are working together for the purpose of … what?  What exactly is their benefit?

What possible reason would they have to make this all up?  I can’t think of anything, unless you want to believe in some sort of cliched organization of evil scientists who evilly laugh about the evil they are evilly performing solely for the purpose of being evil.

I can’t wait for them to make their demands.  “We will solve this problem for a milllllllion dollars!”

3 thoughts on “It snowed yesterday so clearly there is no global warming

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