Sex, love, and cigarettes

A friend recently complained about how hard it was to find a good man as she stood on the sidewalk enjoying her cigarette break from work.

I didn’t say anything out loud, but my inner voice said, “Maybe you should stop smoking.”  no_smoking

As a non-smoker, I find smoking to be an absolute turn-off.  I kissed a girl once (in High School) who smoked.  Once.  And then we stopped, and she got upset when I told her why.  “You taste like an ash tray.”

I’ll admit that for many hormone-induced high school boys, nothing would stop them from kissing a willing girl.  But hopefully, you’re trying to attract men who are a bit less desperate.

Only 18% of the American population smokes, which is the lowest level ever.  So if you’re looking for a partner, you may be excluding as much as 82% of the available suitors.

To make matters worse, smoking in America is becoming sharply divided by class:

  • 24.7% of adults with 12 or less years of education (no diploma)
  • 41.9% of adults with a GED diploma
  • 23.1% of adults with a high school diploma
  •   9.1% of adults with an undergraduate college degree
  •   5.9% of adults with a postgraduate college degree

Ironically, the people who can least afford cigarettes are the ones who smoke.  The average person spends $3000 year on the habit.  That doesn’t include side costs of smoking, such as dental and medical bills.  If you’re trying to attract educated people who statistically have  a much higher income, smoking works against you.

Now, mind you, my friend may agree completely with everything I’ve said here.  She may have been trying to quit smoking for years.  Most smokers do want to quit, after all.  They know perfectly well how much it is costing them in many ways.  Smokers these days deserve our help and not our criticism.

4 thoughts on “Sex, love, and cigarettes

  1. I just had this conversation the other day. Smoking is a bit of a turn off and at times frustrates me because I prefer not to smell like smoke or inhale it. For example, the other night I wanted to have my window open and enjoy the air, but someone in one of the next apartments was smoking on their balcony. Not a fan at all.


  2. I actually remember it wasn’t a second thought when I was younger either. However now, I guess I am just used to not smelling like an ash tray.


  3. Yep, Same here.
    I find smoking a complete turn off in women, any romantic interest immediately goes out the window whenever I noticed that they smoked.

    That stuff is absolutely disgusting to smell! It’s so bad that I can smell it when people in *nearby* apartments are smoking, or even outside our closed patio door/window. And I hate that I can guess which brands people use (Marlboro is one of the worst smelling!) because it’s so nasty that I can smell the after smoke on people’s clothing, hair, and in my line of work, the worst place I could smell it was on their computers whenever they brought their systems in from their homes for me to work on.

    Boy, did I quickly develop a real dislike for the feel of that oily and almost gritty residue on their keyboards! And the inside of those systems are a absolute pain to clean with all that clingy & sticky moist like ash covering everything inside… I could just imagine from that, just how horrible looking the inside of a smokers lungs are like. Yuck! 😦


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