Good news for Republicans … and Democrats

The always entertaining Matt Taibbi reports that the GOP establishment is taking action to prevent the party from being completely taken over by idiots.

“No fools on our ticket” is their mantra, and I mean that literally. Elephants-Fighting They are literally saying that they’re “tired of being the Stupid Party.”

This is good news for Republicans who are tired of losing elections in red districts when they nominate people so crazy that even their own supporters vote for the other guy (or stay home).

I may disagree with most Republicans, but the majority of them aren’t stupid idiots.  I have many friends who used to consider themselves Republicans who have seen the party taken over by religious fanatics, conspiracy theorists, evolution deniers, and radicals who refuse to compromise or do the job they were elected to do.   They just can’t support the Sarah Palins, Ted Cruzes, and other  crazies that are identified with the GOP these days.  And who can blame them?

So this change is good news for the party.  Maybe they can rid themselves of these people who cheer when the government is shut down, boo heroic soldiers who are gay, and clap when one of the leaders say it’s better for people to die than to give them health care.

This is also good news for Democrats in two ways:

1.  It will split the GOP and cause an internal war.  This will make it easier for Democrats to get elected in the short term.

2.  If it is successful, we may end up with a GOP of reasonable and intelligent politicians who understand that adults get things accomplished through compromise.

And therefore, in the long run, we all win.

4 thoughts on “Good news for Republicans … and Democrats

  1. I do hope so! Maybe the Republicans will go back to being the party of Eisenhower instead of the party of Reagan and W. I am SO tired of the violent swing to the right that our politics have taken in this country.


  2. In the short term this will mean more ugly primary fights. And the Teabaggers won’t go down without a fight. It will be entertaining, no doubt, but we’ve got to make sure *Democrats* and independents vote, or it will all be for naught.


    • True enough. Polls show that a majority of the public agrees with Democrats on many major issues. However, Democrats don’t vote in large numbers and Republicans do. If you don’t participate, you can’t be surprised when you don’t win.


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