So what do we do about Putin?

Clearly, we must do something, but what?

Many political pundits are screaming that Obama is not acting strong enough but, as I said weeks ago, no one is making any real suggestions as to what should be done.   (I’m not counting Sarah Palin’s suggestion to use nukes;  I’m talking about real suggestions from rational people.)  Vladimir-Putin-as-Dobby-90100

Most military commentators who aren’t just political mouthpieces admit that this would have happened no matter who was in the White House (pointing out properly that Putin invaded Georgia while Bush was President).  Still, there are many Americans seem to think that everything in the world is about us.  Ask any foreigner and they will tell you that they do not make decisions based on what America thinks any more than we do based on what they think.

Putin is clearly the bad guy here, and simply sending in 007 won’t work this time.  (Since whenever I look at Putin, I see Dobby, maybe instead we should send in Harry Potter.)

Economic sanctions are already working on Russia;  military action may backfire tremendously (especially since it appears that a majority of those in Crimera actually support Russia in this).

So we’re back to the first question:  What should we do?

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