I am in favor of murder and rape, according to Republicans

Yes, it is true.  I have represented some terrible people.  That’s my job as a defense attorney.

Clearly, then, I support criminal activity.  I mean, there is no other explanation.  It certainly can’t be that I support the United States Constitution, especially the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th amendments.

The Republican Governor’s Association knows this is true.  They are running ads against a Democrat in South Carolina who fought against the powerful District Attorneys and Attorneys General, who protected citizens against abuses by the police, who made sure that everyone’s Constitutional rights were not violated as they went through the system, and even helped some innocent people fight against unfair accusations.

So what do the ads say?  “He supported violent criminals instead of South Carolina.”

So yes, it’s true.  I am an anti-American person who doesn’t deserve any respect, because I am in favor of crime.  I am lower than the people I represent.  How dare I demand that we obey the Constitution.

Let’s hope this ad backfires on the GOP, as it should.

But then again, this is South Carolina, where they elected Mark Sanford after he had used government money to support his mistress.  Violating the Ten Commandments?  No big deal.  Supporting the United States Constitution?  What a terrible person!



4 thoughts on “I am in favor of murder and rape, according to Republicans

  1. “They wouldn’t have been arrested if they hadn’t done it!”

    It’s clear to me that you’re making sure that the prosecutors are doing their job, and doing it legally, when you defend a criminal who’s actually guilty. I’m sorry that it isn’t clear to others.

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  2. I could never do what you do. I could not handle it emotionally, knowing that I was sometimes getting guilty people off. Then again, I could never be a doctor, either, because I could not handle when people I treated died. So I am very glad that you and others like you are there to demand integrity in our legal system and uphold our Constitution.

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  3. Of course you are. People don’t serve people with whom they disagree. You can’t bake a cake for or photograph a wedding you don’t fully support. All lawyers are so rich they only take the clients they like, anyway.

    And you aren’t even a whore, you agree with those criminals that they shouldn’t have been frisked for a DWB. It is your fault America is in a downward spiral.

    You are a traitor, just like John Adams, when he defended Brits.


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