Republican-favored background checks found unconstitutional

Republicans greatly favor background checks.  They want to make it harder for people to exercise one of their most basic fundamental Constitutional rights.  However, the courts have once again struck down their attempts in a blow against freedom.

I mean, come on, it’s not like I’m talking about guns here where there should be no restrictions whatsoever as to who can buy one.  Voting requires extreme background checks!  gavel

Republicans decided a while ago that since they have trouble getting a majority of votes in many places, the best thing to do is cheat.  And they’re not even subtle about it, since many have been caught stating very clearly that their goals are to keep Democrats from voting.

Fortunately, the courts — even ones dominated by Republicans — have seen through the charade.  Here in Pennsylvania a few days ago, the Court refused to stay an earlier decision striking down our voting registration law, and Wisconsin and Arkansas had similar decisions in the last few days.

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