Why are they always so obsessed with sex?

It always seemed to me that the men who scream the loudest against gay marriage are often closeted themselves.  Why do they think of gay sex so often?  Why is that always the first argument they give against gay marriage?  Being in love doesn’t matter, it’s that gay sex thing they just can’t stop thinking about and researching on the internet and visiting gay hangouts to study further… Print

The latest example comes from GOP legislator Steve Hickey who has ignored the entirety of human existence and implies that somehow this whole gay sex thing is a new idea, and a nasty, evil, bad one at that.

Pastor Hickey (whose opponents in his district call “Doo” Hickey) calls out any doctor who claims that it’s not harmful, because obviously it is.  I mean, obviously, right?  It has to be!  I mean, I’m no doctor, but certainly the fact that doctors aren’t telling people it’s dangerous doesn’t mean the medical community knows anything about, you know, medical stuff.

And it’s only gay anal sex that bothers him.  He either is unaware that many heterosexual couples do that, too.  Or else he doesn’t think that’s nasty.  

Chances are he just never thinks about that, because he’s too busy thinking about those evil, nasty gay men with their chiseled buttocks just waiting for dirty gay sex to happen.

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