Americans who identify as “conservative” at smallest levels in years

More Americans identify themselves as “conservative” than “liberal” in opinion polls, which is what the right constantly uses to support its argument that they represent American’s views.lib1

This number is dwindling quite a bit, and is the closest it has been in years according to a new poll from Gallup.

What the poll didn’t address is the fact that many people call themselves conservative yet hold liberal views.   As I have pointed out many times, A majority of Americans support Obamacare.  A majority thinks gay marriage,  abortion and marijuana should be legal.  A majority supports more gun control.  A majority want to raise the minimum wage and do something about campaign finance reform.  A majority wants to raise taxes on the wealthy and do not believe that “corporations are people.”

These positions are liberal positions, but even people who hold them still like to call themselves “conservative.”

So when a politician tells you America is a conservative country, just nod and smile.  He’s probably wrong about a bunch of other things as well.


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