Militarized police vs. rich and poor

Hey, remember when millionaire Clive Bundy basically declared treason against the United States and had a bunch of armed white people pointing their guns at the police?  What a heck of a guy!  A true patriot, claimed Fox News.  Just a guy standing up for his rights;  someone the police would never think to shoot.

But if you’re a poor black kid who is upset because the police shot an unarmed friend of yours for no good reason, and you want to protest, we’ll send in the police after you, with the kind of gear that is usually reserved for trained members of our military.

Yeah, he's a fictional character, but the quote is appropriate.

Yeah, he’s a fictional character, but the quote is appropriate.

Arrest everyone (including innocent reporters) and sort it out afterwards, because, as one cop said, “They’re all animals.” Way to “serve and protect”, officer!

When a rich white kid is abused by the cops, lawsuits pop up. Poor kids don’t always have that alternative, and see no other choice but to riot and protest. It’s sad, but understandable. When you feel helpless, you lash out because that’s the only power you have.

Two days ago, I spoke about how important it is that people do not do that — it does not help your cause. However, that seems so minor in comparison to the abuses we’ve seen from the police. And this isn’t just hyperbole — people record things now, you know. Almost everyone is walking around with a high def camera in their phones, and it only takes seconds to upload those for everyone in the world to see. If you deny that the police are being abusive and overpowering, you’re just denying the obvious evidence.

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