Louisiana stays in the 20th Century

Good ol’ Louisiana!  Judge Feldman, perhaps inspired by the Dred Scott decision, has held that all them faggots don’t got no rights at all in Nawleans.

Judge Feldman.  I think.

Judge Feldman. I think.

Breaking a streak of 21 previous decisions, Judge Feldman tied together state’s rights and a complete lack of empathy and understanding to determine that marriage is for straight people only because tradition. Or babies. Or something. You know, the standard garbage that every other judge laughs out of court.

It gets worse. He says the state has an interest in preventing gay marriage so there won’t be incest. Got it? You understand that? See the connection? Well, you might be a redneck if…

Look, we all knew this was getting to the Supreme Court sooner or later. I would have liked all courts to have been unanimous when the case arrived, but this is just a minor hump.

Or as Judge Feldman would say, “What hump?”

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