Obama is worstest President ever

“Absolutely terrible,” say Republicans about Obama.  “He’s hardly accomplished anything and what he did accomplish is ruining the country!”obama_100906.gi.top

Leaving aside the point that the reason he may have hardly accomplished anything is because the GOP has blocked everything and has passed fewer laws than any Congress in the history of our country, the real problem is that, by any objective standard, Obama has greatly improved many things in this country since he took office.

Unemployment is down to 5.9%, the lowest it has been since 2008.  The stock market is at an all-time high.  Crime is down, and it’s at the lowest rate since 1963.  Illegal immigration has declined.  The budget deficit is at the lowest it has been in years.

And then there are social issues.  Gays can serve in the military and can get married in many places.  Women and minorities have made great gains.  And people can get health insurance without being screwed over by insurance companies.

And there’s plenty more.

This doesn’t mean things are perfect.  Wall Street Banking criminals are still out free;  income equality is still outrageous; we’re spending too much on military hardware we don’t need and the army doesn’t want; there are still terrorists out there wanting to kill us;  we’re doing practically nothing about climate change; insurance companies are still ruining health care — but those problems would still exist under a Republican administration (and in many cases, would be even worse).

No, Obama hasn’t ruined our country.   You’re thinking of George W. Bush.  Obama has brought it back from Bush’s destruction.

So when Republicans say Obama has ruined the country, what they really mean is one of four things:

1. “He’s doing things I don’t like!  Gays getting married!  Claiming there’s climate change!  Giving poor people health care!  Damn socialist!”

2.  “He’s a Democrat and therefore I have to say he’s ruining everything because that’s what we Republicans do!  We don’t need facts!”

3.  “What’s the matter with you?  Isn’t it clear?  He’s a black man!  What, are you blind?”

4.  “Benghazi!”*


* Yes, that last one doesn’t make sense.  It never has.  Somehow, some conservatives think that’s all they have to say and it explains everything.

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