The latest ridiculous conservative outrage

The latest outrage consists of making fun of Obama for wearing silly clothes at a recent summit in China, as you can see from this meme polluting the right-wing blogosphere.

obama china

I suppose I don’t have to point out that every other foreign leader was wearing the same thing, including Vladimir Putin, do I? And that every President before Obama wore similar garb?

Heh! It’s funny because the implication is that facts matter to these people.

What’s even funnier are the comments about the incident, which once more include two completely contradictory themes:

“We hate China! We should not be beholden to them. America needs to assert itself. The President should not bow down to China.”


“Hey, look! Obama looks real unhappy dressing in the traditional clothes they make them all wear at these things! And he was chewing gum when he arrived! How dare he not show proper deference to China!”

At least they are consistent in their beliefs.  No matter what Obama does, they hate it.

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