A Christian Preacher Who Gets It

Happy Easter!

Today I’d just like to share a link with you — an article written by a preacher who understands why people are afraid of what Christians might do with certain “Religious Freedom Restoration” acts … a fear that is legitimate and based in historical fact.betty

“The outcry isn’t about the law,” he writes, “it’s about us. It’s a fear that we will discriminate. And it is a fear based on a history that, whether we like it or not, is ours. We have, in no shortage of ways, broken relationships with the LGBTQ community. We have expelled our sons and daughters. We have protested them. We blamed them for the ills of society like a scapegoat. And no matter what we believe about same-sex marriage, that is wrong. Because of that, restoring relationship and trust with the LGBTQ community is on us. Even if you disagree with all I said above, restoring the relationship is on us because we are called as followers of Jesus to be ministers of reconciliation.”

He later concludes:  “”You see, the question now being asked of Christians is, “Will you treat us as human beings?” That’s what behind wanting a cake for a same-sex wedding. Or photographs. It isn’t shoving a lifestyle down people’s throats. It’s simply a desire to be seen as human. To be treated as human. To enjoy life as we all want to enjoy life.”

This.  This is what Jesus was talking about — not the hatred, the anger, the judgment.

Unfortunately, too many Christians are instead hypocrites, like the fictional “Mrs. Betty Bowers” here.

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