People vote least when it matters the most

Today is primary election day here in Pennsylvania, wherein we pick our candidates for things like sheriff, judge, commissioner, district attorney, school boards and so on.

This means that hardly anyone will

Ironically, these elections are ones where voters have the most power. Your one vote for President is tremendously unlikely to make the difference in the long run, but more often than you may think, these lesser races have been decided with one vote.

Even more importantly, in these local races, these people will talk to you. You can literally pick up your phone and call your local commissioner and they will answer. A $20 donation to their campaign means a lot. Try that with the President or your Senator.

And quite often, these are the people whose job affects your life the most — dealing with schools, traffic, crime, zoning, and local taxes. Don’t you want to have a say in these things? A major say?

So go out and vote. Take a few minutes to do some research or at least stop and talk to the campaign workers standing outside the polls.

We have the most power in local elections and those votes matter.  A year or so ago, I ran a write-in campaign for Judge of Elections and won with 17 votes.

So get out and vote. Or stop complaining.

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