Nebraska gets rid of the death penalty

Nebraska just became the 19th state to get rid of the death penalty.

This is notable for two big reasons. First, Nebraska is not known as a hotbed of liberal views. Second: this was done by the legislature and not by one governor declaring that there would be no more death penalty in his state (like Pennsylvania’s new Governor Wolf did soon after taking office). And it wasn’t just a simple majority vote — The legislature passed this with enough votes to override a veto.death

More and more, people are realizing that it is time America joined the rest of the civilized world in getting rid of uncivilized punishment.

There is absolutely no doubt that innocent people have been killed by this penalty. Those who insist on keeping it are basically saying they don’t care — that it’s better to kill one innocent person than it is to imprison a guilty one for the rest of his life.

Our system of justice is not perfect. Until we have a system that is 100% free from error we should not have a penalty that is 100% irreversible.

Right now, America shares the death penalty with such great democracies as China, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, and Sudan. It’s time we distanced ourselves from the bad guys.

One thought on “Nebraska gets rid of the death penalty

  1. Sums up my thoughts on the topic quite nicely. I was especially struck by the statement that people who support state-sanctioned murder basically think killing innocent people is better than life without parole for the guilty. So true, but so few people have the courage or insight to say so outright.

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