“We bigots will leave if you don’t give us what we want!”

Hey, remember when Rush Limbaugh said if Obamacare became the law of the land, he’d leave and move to Costa Rica? Yeah, that was over five years ago and dammit, he’s still here. Not that anyone ever expected that habitual liar to live up to his words…

Anyway, the funniest thing about his comment was his choice of Costa Rica, which has had a socialized health care system far more expansive than Obamacare for many years — just like every other major civilized industrial country on the planet. homosexualdemons

This is a constant threat that no one carries out. There were plenty of liberals who screamed if Bush became President, they’d move to Canada and they didn’t do that either.

Well, now there are conservatives who have threatened to leave if the Supreme Court rules that gay people are indeed people under the 14th Amendment and as such it is illegal to discriminate against them. They somehow think their threat to leave will elicit a response of “Oh no! The bigots are leaving! Quick, we must amend the Constitution to allow for discrimination or else our country may become hate-free in no time!”

“Liberty and equality for all” is a meaningless phrase to these people, isn’t it?

One thought on ““We bigots will leave if you don’t give us what we want!”

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