No, it isn’t; it’s the flag of the Ku Klux Klan

I’m not going to waste space here today trying to convince people that the Confederate flag you see flying all over the place is the flag of treason and slavery — you know it is, and the people who fly it know it is. That’s why they fly it. Oh, they may say it’s about “southern heritage” but I never see southern liberals or blacks flying that flag, only racists or people who are are so clueless that they have been misled by racists.  It’s no more a flag of southern pride than the swastika is a symbol of German pride.

But the real fact is that the flag — which only came into being during the treasonous rebellion — isn’t even the real flag that flew over the Confederacy.

flagsNo, indeed. This Tennessee flag was the one adopted by the Ku Klux Klan after the war to support their attempts to keep the purpose of the war alive — the subjugation (and murder) of fellow Americans. It’s the flag of racist, treasonous, evil people who, I might add, also fought against anyone who wasn’t a Christian.

When you display that flag today, you are saying you agree with them. You are showing your support for slavery, prejudice, and hatred.

No, no, no. You don’t get to decide what that flag means. You don’t get to say “Yeah, for everyone else it means hatred but for me it means something else.”  If you have that argument, then allow me to shoot you the middle finger. Oh, sorry, were you insulted? Well, for me, the middle finger means something entirely different. What do you mean, I don’t get to define what it means?

Just kidding of course. My middle finger to you means exactly what you think it does.