It’s all over! Hillary is ahead in the polls!

Hillary currently has 48% nationally and Sanders has 25%! Might as well name her as the Democratic nominee now and save us all some time! Or so the articles on the major news sites seem to say.

This, of course, ignores a few major things:1841148_orig

First, according to most polls, Sanders is ahead in New Hampshire — a very important state since it holds the first primary. A win there can change the landscape tremendously, as we have seen in previous elections.

Second, it’s 2015! There’s not even a primary for months.

Let’s look back at the last time Hillary ran. On October 20, 2007, she was at 47.5% in the polls. Way, way behind was this upstart Barack Obama guy, with only 21.7%. What a loser! That’s even lower than where Bernie Sanders is now!

A month is a lifetime in politics. Polls can change and waver hugely within a week.

So maybe we should stop declaring winners and losers before a single vote has been cast.

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