There is no easy solution

Look, there isn’t an easy answer. Stop trying to find one.

The more we attack ISIS, the more they get to recruit people by claiming we’re at war with Islam.isis-army-700x430

And if we don’t attack them, they’re just going to kill their own people and install their medieval ideas of religion on the area.

As human beings, we should accept the refugees running from such terror and help them.

However, some of them may be using this to gain entry to us and infiltrate from within.

If we target Muslims in our own country, not only are we doing exactly what they want, but we are going against everything we say we stand for.

There is no easy solution. “Bomb them all into oblivion” won’t work. “Ignore them” won’t work. “Outlaw Islam and round up all the Muslims” won’t work.

Anyone who argues for an easy “solution” should be ignored.

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