Socialists want to destroy education

As we all are aware, free education to every American from kindergarten up through 12th grade is a worthy expenditure of our tax dollars. Making sure our children are educated provides not only for better citizens but also helps to make them competitive in the world market.College You’ll hardly find a patriotic American who doesn’t support using taxpayer money to fund education for our precious children.

However, extending that education four more years is an abomination that is the worst kind of socialism, and anyone who advocates for such radical views clearly wishes to destroy not only our economy but also the very fabric of the United States of America.

(Have I got it right? I think that’s the argument anyway. I’m new at this “hold two competing ideas simultaneously” thing.)


One thought on “Socialists want to destroy education

  1. It would destroy the very fabric of the USA just because this country has been built over ignorance and fear. To call free college education a socialist abomination it’s just plain McCarthyism. Education, at all levels, should be deemed a right for every civilised man. To sell knowledge is to make profit on the shoulders of ignorants. It means to steal from our future.


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