You don’t like women; you just like sex

“Why can’t I get a date?” some men ask. “I like women and I’m a nice guy.”

Then I see them post jokes where the punchline is some variation of “go make me a sandwich” — or they degrade Hillary Clinton’s looks instead of her politics — or they use words like “feminazi” to describe women who support equality.hugh-hefner-how-do-you-get-so-many-bitches

While I hold that nothing should be free from jokes and satire (and yes, I have found some truly offensive things hilarious before and so have you, admit it), when I see you post these kinds of “jokes” over and over again,  it tells me something. People who say “Hey, it’s just a joke” don’t realize how much the kind of joke you tell says more about you than anything else.

And what it tells me is that you don’t really like women; you just like sex with women. It’s not the same thing.

Maybe if you started to think of them as people deserving of respect, even when you disagree with them, you might get more dates and more long-term relationships. Maybe you’ll be more attractive to them if you build them up instead of tearing them down. I mean, isn’t that how you would like to be treated?

It’s not that hard of a concept, really.


One thought on “You don’t like women; you just like sex

  1. A Libertarian troll was attacking me a few years ago on the Pocono Record forums because I have a very successful wife, saying I was a failure for relying on her income (I’m retired and took care of our then young kids) and how she will divorce me because I am such a loser. I felt sorry for him since I knew he was long ago divorced and I heard he had to cruise Craig’s list for companionship (I have no idea how that works). I didn’t bring up his life story but I told him that maybe if he treated women with respect and wasn’t threatened by them he wouldn’t be so lonely and maybe lucky enough to find a woman as strong and wonderful as my wife. Also his entire life view revolving around greed and hate wasn’t a good way to attract women either. That didn’t go over well. Any way Pat and I are still together after 34 years and apparently she still hasn’t filed divorce papers so I must be doing something right.


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