Editorial cartoon: the VP debate


Pat Bagley


One thought on “Editorial cartoon: the VP debate

  1. Ok so I kinda lean towards republicans but I’m definitely more libertarian, so take my comments with that grain of salt… but I’m also a scientist. And have been classically schooled in logic and arguments. I have taken class upon class on logic. I needed to learn how to do C++ and every day I try to make computers work in the OR. So, after a lengthy dissertation, and (republican/libertarian leanings) let me say this. I was horrified with the VP debate. I will admit I’m a bad American and didnt watch until the end. But I didn’t need to. It seems Caine actually addressed the questions offered and Pence spent his time hitting “hot spots” and pandering rather than actually answering questions. As a thoughtful librarian with republican leanings I can say that and mean it.

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