Super Bowl critics in glass houses

The Super Bowl has tons of fans, and many people who, like me, could not care less.  And that’s fine — we don’t have to all like the same forms of entertainment.

It would be a boring world if we all liked exactly the same thing, especially in the creative arts where new and different things can provide innovation and change for the better.

So what if I don’t like football?  I might make jokes about it, but they’re meant in jest and are somewhat meant to make fun of me at the same time for being such a nerd.  But this problem does come up every time there’s a huge sporting event — there are a bunch of posts on Facebook from people who seem to be laughing at those who look forward to the game.

So what if people are looking forward to the game?  How does that hurt you in the slightest?


cartoon by Adam Ellis

There are many things I like that you don’t, I’m sure of it, and there are many things you like that I don’t.  But as long as it doesn’t hurt me, so what?  Go ahead and like Justin Beiber or stock car racing or My Little Pony or the Super Bowl.

That doesn’t mean those things should be free from artistic criticism or analysis.  You might like Sylvester Stallone movies but that doesn’t mean I can’t say they stink.

But, as the cartoon says, let people enjoy things.

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl critics in glass houses

  1. I like how you specified, “stock car racing”. As someone who fancies IndyCar racing, it’s annoying to get lumped in with NASCAR fans by many. Not that I see you enjoying any sort of motorsports. But that is not a deal breaker for me. As a matter of fact, I have more in common with non-race fans than many of my fellow motorsports enthusiasts.

    Yet I can respect people with all sorts of different tastes. Other than those who push white nationalism, I just can’t support those knobs.

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