Trump’s approval rating is so tiny

The latest Gallup poll shows that only 36% of us approve of Trump’s performance as president. That is so very tiny. It’s unprecedented at how small it is, and it’s shrinking more each day. Seriously, any man would be embarrassed to have one that small.tiny-trump-2jpg

No president has ever had one that small this early in their presidency.  Usually, a president is given a “honeymoon” where the public says “Well, let’s give him a chance” and the approval rating is historically at its highest absent some unforeseen incident. Not Donald. He started small and just got smaller. He doesn’t get a honeymoon because this was an arranged marriage that most of us didn’t want.

But what did he expect? He’s done nothing except be childish. He hasn’t kept any of his promises, and even his supporters are bailing on him.

What a Big Loser.

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