Resist the Left-Handed Agenda

Our culture has degenerated to the point where people openly are left-handed, in public, unashamed, and television and the media encourages such deviant behavior.

Left-handed people keep shoving their left-handedness down our throats and are expecting us to just accept this without complaining. They call for “Lefty Pride” and openly promote their radical agenda. President Obama himself constantly signed executive orders using his left hand, and people acted as if it was no big deal.lefty

As we know, being left-handed is a sin in the eyes of God. Sure, people claim they were born that way, but even if that were true, these sinners chose to act on their left-handedness, and often perform left-handed acts in public. We can love the sinner and hate the sin, after all, but when you choose to sin, God does not excuse you. Think of the children!

We need to preserve our precious way of life and fight against those liberals who want to treat being left-handed as if it was “natural.” And don’t get me started on grocery stores that promote shellfish where the children can see it!

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