The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!

When I was a kid, the Russians were the Bad Guys that all the movies and TV shows warned us about. This was especially true concerning Republicans and conservatives, who proclaimed that the Rooskies were out to destroy our way of life any way they could.

Well, the Russians learned. The way to win is a lot more subtle than blatant warfare. Now they use other means. They infiltrate other governments and influence them through the media. They plant their people in key positions, bribe them to favor their ways, and otherwise make sure they win to promote their radically conservative philosophy.putin tru,pAnd they have won. Look at Brexit, where Russia made sure stupid Brits voted out of fear. They tried again in France but lost. But, of course, they won the big one with Trump, a man who has many Russian connections and who has insulted every single person and group except the Russians.

And where are the conservatives and Republicans now? You guessed it. Russia is their best friend. Many conservative leaders admire Putin, the strong-arm leader who doesn’t care about democracy or anyone who disagrees with him. I’ll bet they wish they had his power to just kill those damned journalists who question him.

If the Republicans of my childhood could see what their party has become, I’m sure they’d think it was “fake news.”

In any event, the special prosecutor will start handing down indictments soon concerning Russian influence. Republicans who spent years trying to find anything on the Clintons and coming up empty-handed will claim this is a “witch hunt” and otherwise will try to pretend there’s nothing there, because that’s what evil stooges do.

And the Russians will be laughing at us the whole way.

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