Here comes another crash

Back before the Stock Market Crash of 1929, there were practically no controls on the economy. The US averaged a crisis every seventeen years — For example, there was the Panic of 1819, the 1837 Crisis, the Panic of 1873, the Panic of 1893, the 1907 Banker’s Panic, and so on up to the Great Depression. Then Franklin Roosevelt put in controls and restrictions on Wall Street and banking and lo and behold, no depressions and no recessions for fifty years. Reagan comes in and removes those and bang! The S&L crisis, the 2001 recession, the 2007 Mortgage crisis, and the 2008 Bush collapse.44125c1cb5eedd9138900d00712bcaf8_400x400

Capitalism works, but it only works with controls. So after the collapse in 2008, Congress placed controls over the banks to prevent this from happening again.

Guess what the Republicans just removed?

No matter how much they may tell you they do these things to help the economy, the fact is that none of it ever works except for the super rich and the huge corporations.

Years ago, for instance, we were told that trickle down economics will help us all. It of course has done no such thing (although there’s plenty of evidence that trickle-up economics works). When Trump reduced the taxes for the super-rich and corporations a while ago, we were promised that it would stimulate the economy and produce jobs. Ha ha! What a kidder.

The US economy always does better when everyone shares in the wealth, because when people have money they spend it, which increases demand and builds growth. I mean, duh.

So when someone tells you that restrictions on businesses are bad for the economy, just laugh at them, because clearly they have been brainwashed.

One thought on “Here comes another crash

  1. There was the recession from the gasoline criisis in the 70’s … but it didn’t measure up to the struggles after Reagan.


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