Too depressed to blog

This whole impeachment situation has just gotten me too depressed to blog. Apparently, the President can break laws left and right and it doesn’t even matter any more. After the Senate refused to convict, he went out and fired those who had testified against him, which is another easily proven crime (retaliation against witnesses) but of course, nothing is going to happen. Meanwhile, the justice department has decided that it works for Trump, not the American people, and is intervening in cases for political purposes, causing some of the lawyers in the department to quit in protest.

Now, admittedly, we as a country have been through worse. We had a civil war, for chrissake. But I had thought we were past that now, and the saddest thing is not so much what Trump is doing to this country, but instead how many of my fellow Americans are cheering him on.

cartoon by Rueben Bolling


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