I’m used to losing

The problem with democracy is that you don’t always get your way.

The first and only time my preferred candidate in the primaries ended up as President was with Obama. And I’ve been voting a long time.  Here’s my terrible track record of who I supported in the primaries and who won the nomimation:

1976: Jerry Brown (winner: Jimmy Carter)

1980: Oops. I voted for a 3rd party (John Anderson) and then vowed never to make that mistake again

1984: Gary Hart (winner: Walter Mondale)

1988: Michael Dukakis (was living in Boston at the time, did some work on the campaign)

1992: Paul Tsongas (another Boston guy) (winner: Bill Clinton)

1996: Bill Clinton was unopposed for re-election

2000: Tom Harkin (winner: Al Gore)

2004: John Kerry (another Boston guy)

2008: Barack Obama (and he won!)

2012: Obama was unopposed for re-election

2016: Bernie Sanders (winner: Hillary Clinton)

2020: Elizabeth Warren (What? Another Boston candidate?)(winner: we shall see)

So while I am very disappointed that Warren did not get the nomination and while I am also very disappointed with the choices we now have, I guess I’ve become used to it.  Maybe I’m just more cynical as I age, maybe I’m just jaded. Life goes on. (My top three choices were Warren, Harris, and Booker. So much for that.)

I certainly understand the anger and frustration many young Bernie supporters have about the situation. The fact that I once felt the same way back when I was younger I’m sure doesn’t comfort them, but it’s really a broken record: The people in power keep the power and keep out anyone who wants to change how things work, and the only way we can force that change is by voting the bastards out — something we apparently are incapable of doing. In the primaries so far, young people (who are Bernie’s main constituency) hardly even voted.

“OK Boomer” I can hear them saying now to me. “Thanks for your comments, grandpa, but we’re not giving up.” And I don’t want you to. What I want you to do is vote — that’s the only way we can get the change we need.

Who will I vote for when the Pennsylvania primary finally rolls around? Well, as usual, it will probably already be decided by then, but I’m considering my options between the two old white guys, both of whom have negatives I have to consider.

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