Why some conservatives support Trump even while they hate him

Many of my friends (and myself included) are arguing “vote blue no matter who” in order to get rid of Trump who has caused more harm to America in a few short years than any person has done in a lifetime. Yeah, we may not like Joe Biden, but the alternative is much worse.

We have to realize that there are conservatives who have the same attitude. I know a few who hate Trump. They can’t stand the lying, the corruption and the incompetence.mobster donBut they know that if they lose the White House, we Democrats are going to do things they hate, such as work for a national health care policy, raise the minimum wage, increase taxes on the super wealthy, reinstate clean environment laws, and appoint liberals to the Supreme Court. Stopping that is way more important to them and so they’ll put up with the clown.

We can debate the morality of that kind of position back and forth, but we can’t deny that this attitude exists. And the sad thing is that these people probably won’t tell you. They’ll criticize Trump left and right, and may even tell pollsters they’re voting for Biden, but once in the booth, they’ll be voting for the republicans.

So keep that in mind. Don’t get complacent when you read the polls saying Biden will win. Just like in 2016, there were secret Trump voters who showed up and made the difference.

We have to vote no matter how good the polls may be. Take nothing for granted.


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