Right Wing discovers empathy

by Guest Blogger Peter David

I have to admit, it amuses me that the right wing has suddenly developed the one thing that they previously despised: empathy.

It’s just fascinating. When Trump sneered at Hillary’s pneumonia, they cheered. When Trump memorably lampooned a journalist who had a physical handicap, they roared with laughter. When Trump attacked the mourning parents of a fallen Gold Star warrior, they nodded in agreement.

But suddenly their noble leader is downed with Coronavirus, and their hackles are up. Granted, left wingers shouldn’t be chortling in delight over the fact that he’s down with the virus he dismissed as a Democratic hoax. They shouldn’t wish him dead. However, making the comment that this was inevitable–that when you ignore the advice of scientists, downplay the disease’s viciousness and have both yourself and your minions ignore the steps you should take to avoid contracting it–that’s a valid point to make. Commenting on the fact that Trump basically brought this on himself is a legitimate observation. Yet suddenly the right wing, who delighted in their leader’s bullying tactics, have melted as snowflakes typically do.

Joe Biden has wished Trump well. Does anyone think that if the situation were reversed, Trump would do likewise? Of course not. If Biden were downed with Covid, Trump would be the very first out the gate to deride him and hold him up as proof that scientists don’t know what they’re talking about. “So much for his masks!” he would declare. It would be held up as proof that Biden is weak, run down, susceptible to a disease that knew better than to try and tangle with Trump. Furthermore his campaign would produce “Biden is sick” ads that would run 24/7.

Currently the Biden campaign has pulled all its Trump attack ads. If Biden were down with it, Trump’s campaign would step up the attack ads. Indeed, they’re currently continuing with their attack ads even though Biden has backburnered his. And yet still the butt-hurt right wing howls over the mistreatment and lack of sympathy they’re receiving from the left. Where is the empathy that they, who have never extended it, are now not receiving in turn? They have repeatedly expressed their contempt for even the concept of the moral high ground; so why isn’t the left sticking to that now?

Why don’t we show them how people in a civilized society should behave, so that they can view it as a sign of weakness and continue to come up with plans to “own the libs” in their deeds and actions?

Even better: they continue to try and blame things on Biden. If Biden were a gentleman, declared one pundit, he would postpone the election. Even though no election has been postponed in the history of the country. Even though Biden has as much power to postpone an election as I do. Even though millions have already voted. Even though if Biden were ill instead, Trump would laugh at the idea. Instead we’re getting the sentiment of, “How unsympathetic to an illness can those lousy Democrats be?”

Exactly this unsympathetic: For months we’ve been worried about an October surprise. Well, we got it. And the surprise is, it isn’t remotely surprising. It was inevitable.

The right wing wants sympathy? Let’s give them as much sympathy as Trump gave John McCain, dying of brain cancer. Or Herman Cain, dying of misplaced faith. It’s one of the oldest sayings in the book, right wing: What goes around comes around.

Peter David is a writer whose novels include many of his own stories as well as novels in the world of Star Trek and Babylon 5 (and others).  Besides novels, Peter has written comic books (Incredible Hulk, Aquaman, Supergirl), television shows (Babylon 5, Space Cases, Ben 10), short stories, blogs, and more. Check out his web page and his wikipedia page and prepare to be overwhelmed.

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