Guiliani and the search warrant

Remember: In order to get a search warrant, the police have to convince a judge, using evidence, that there is probably some incriminating evidence there. They can’t just go on a fishing expedition, hoping that maybe they’ll find something. They need probable cause to believe that there is evidence of a crime before a judge will grant the warrant.

And I would bet this is especially true when you’re going after a high-profile person who has resources and the ability to grab media attention. You don’t want to risk doing a search and finding nothing.

So when Guiliani and the right-wing media tells you this is some sort of political thing, keep in mind that some judge somewhere thought there was something there.

And if you want to talk politics, we now know that investigators had sufficient evidence last year to get the warrant, but the Trump administration prevented that from happening. There’s your politics affecting a judicial action.

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