Why we need Pride Month

I would love to live in a world where we wouldn’t need Gay Pride parades or Black Pride marches or anything like that.  But as long as there are a group of people who want to make others ashamed of what they are, then there will be people saying, “No, I am not ashamed.  I am proud.  You cannot shame me.”

If we lived in a society where it was absolutely fine to discriminate against people with blue eyes, I would encourage blue-eyed people to have their own “Blue-Eyed Pride” parades. They would need them, to establish that they will not bend to the will of those who would take away their rights for no good reason.

I admit that I’ve never paid much attention to “Italian Pride” because I don’t feel like having an Italian last name has really hurt me that much. Oh sure, there’s probably someone out there who won’t like me for that reason, but I don’t have an entire political party dedicated to destroying any rights I might have.

People who are marginalized by our society need representation. They need to see that they have worth and value.

Is there a need whatsoever for “Straight Pride”? Or “White Pride”? No, of course not. No one is preventing straight people from getting married. No one is marching with hate signs saying “whites will not replace us.”

The point of Pride months is to stand up to those who want to shame people for who they are. Don’t let others demean you. Be proud.

Pride flags hung along Main Street of my hometown of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

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