It’s not about you

You ever notice that the people who complain about “political correctness” are never the ones that need correcting?

“I can’t believe they’re changing the Cleveland Indians to the Guardians!” a bunch of non-Native Americans are screaming. “How dare they get rid of Aunt Jemima!” say white people. “Changing fictional characters to become women is ridiculous!” say men.

“What do you mean I can’t use an insulting term about someone different than me?” they say. “That’s ridiculous. Those terms never bothered me any, so why is everyone else upset?”

Because it’s not about you. It’s true. I know, I know — sit down and consider the following concepts:

  • Other people exist in the world
  • They have opinions, too
  • They are experts about their own identity, not you
  • If they say something is insulting to them, you should listen
  • You are impressing no one with your stubborn refusal to change
  • Being an asshole about it isn’t admirable

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