If that’s what you want…

David Fitzsimmons

2 thoughts on “If that’s what you want…

  1. love your posts but disagree with you on this one. i will not be vaccinated. i’m not a trumper. i despise trump. it’s very prejudiced of you to represent people who don’t want to be vaccinated by this cartoon. it’s disheartening. the country was so quick to open up the bars, the restaurants, the movie theatres, the bowling alleys, the sports stadiums, the concert venues. and then there’s the people who don’t want to wear masks. here lies the blame. but now that the government wants people to be vaccinated, people who haven’t vaccinated are being targeted as the cause of the spike in virus cases. the government is doing what it always does when it wants people to do what it says. first come the scare tactics. then come the threats. they’re behaving no differently than trump and his disciples. it’s just one against the other. a war. how sad.


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