Biden’s low poll numbers can be blamed on liberals

The reasons Biden’s poll numbers are down are not that people are turning away from him and supporting conservatives — it’s largely liberals who are disappointed with him who are causing the downturn.

Biden never had conservatives supporting him. And unlike Trumpies, we on the left are not in a cult. If the President does something we don’t like, we don’t pretend it never happened.

We’re upset that he isn’t doing more. You know as well as I do if the situation was reversed, the GOP would have indicted the representatives involved in January 6th, the President who caused it, and more. They would have removed the Postmaster General, expanded the Supreme Court to 13, and found a way to get all that done through executive orders and the bureaucracy.

So don’t go saying Biden’s numbers reflect a disappointment with liberal politics, because poll after poll shows that our views are the majority ones. It’s a disappointment that we’re not accomplishing them.

Note that Biden remained constantly ahead of Trump’s numbers for the same periods of their Presidency, and the current numbers are within the margin of error. Note as well that Trump, among all Presidents, never even reached a 50% approval rating his entire term.

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