Trump’s Crimes vs. Hillary’s Emails

“But her emails!”

Some Trump supporters are seriously arguing that Hillary’s emails were worse than Trump’s literal stealing of classified documents.

Can you believe it? They’re still obsessed with their fantasy.

The GOP spent millions of dollars and countless hours in hearings trying to find anything they could pin on the Clintons — over and over again. Whitewater, Vincent Foster, emails, whatever. The Trump administration continued to investigate, frantically searching for anything they could use.

But nothing. There’s nothing there.

Obviously, if there was anything there, one of the Republican prosecutors would have been more than happy to bring charges.

Then again, this is from the party that believes what they want, evidence be damned. Climate change is a hoax, trickle-down economics works, they’re teaching Critical Race Theory in elementary schools, Trump won the election — when facts contradict their world view, they just pretend the facts don’t exist.

It’s delusional. Seriously. These people need help.

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