How the GOP will claim the election was stolen

The GOP has apparently solicited a ton of polls from Republican-leaning pollsters which show they’re doing great at the midterms. As such, some journalists are questioning their value. But I think the real reason they are taking all these polls is so if they lose, it will make their claim that “the election was stolen!” more believable to their gullible cultist followers.

What makes it worse is that there are overall less polls being done this year than before (which makes individual ones less reliable) and that polling is much more difficult as people just don’t answer their phones to pollsters like they used to.

Meanwhile, the early voting has been huge, especially for a mid-term election, and has come mostly from Democrats. Since in many places, those votes are counted after the polls close, the GOP will also use that as another argument that the election was stolen (just like they did in 2020, when it looked like they were doing much better before all of PA’s votes were counted).

Strange how elections are only stolen when the winner is a Democrat, huh? And how the exact same ballots can steal one race while not stealing another.

In any event, the polls may be completely accurate, but who knows? Recent elections have proven to be more beneficial to Democrats (take, for instance, the Kansas referendum keeping abortion legal that did hugely better than any poll indicated). I’m just pointing out that if the same thing happens again, and Democrats win in places where they were predicted not to based on the polls, it will just provide more ammunition for the conspiracy minded Republicans.

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