Fox and the lawsuits

Fox finally paid a huge amount to settle the lawsuit with Dominion. Of course, there are other lawsuits still pending.

So why did Dominion settle instead of going to trial?

Had Dominion gone to trial, a few things might have happened:

1. They could lose. Not likely, but not impossible;

2. They could get much less money from a jury;

3. Fox would appeal, it would take years, cost a lot in legal fees, and could end up in front of a Trump-appointed court that could reverse everything.

So making a settlement is reasonable. After all, Dominion is a business. Their ultimate goal isn’t “democracy” or “justice” — it’s getting money for their stockholders and sending a message that they won’t allow themselves to be defamed.

I know we all would have loved to see Fox people testifying, but be let’s be realistic: The cultists would never change their minds even when their cult leaders admitted under oath they had lied.

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