Foreigners Run Fox News

It seems that one of the 9/11 conspirators has named a Saudi prince as a major player in the attack — the same prince who is one of the owners of Fox News, along with Australian Rupert Murdock.  1506991_787180068041716_6786631590963988121_n

Well, that’s just silly.  Why, if he had an influence at Fox, they’d be using their network to undermine American interests by constantly attacking our President, lying about our accomplishments, encouraging the destruction of our environment, building dissent among our citizens, and trying to pit religions against each other.

Wait a minute…

In all seriousness, while it is true that this guy was the second-largest stockholder at Fox (and still owns some of it), you need to be cynical about this new allegation.  After all, this 9/11 conspirator is unreliable. He’s said a bunch of other things in the past that weren’t true, and now he’s suddenly remembering that Waleed bin Talal is involved?  Yeah, I’m unconvinced.  This guy suffers from all kinds of paranoid delusions (as his own lawyers pointed out during his trial).  Prosecutors don’t believe he is credible, so it’s doubtful this will go anywhere.

Still, it is kind of ironic that the “news” network that rails against Muslims and warns of Sharia Law is partially owned by a Muslim who enforces that law in his own country.