At my age, I’m still paying my student loans

College wasn’t that big of a deal. I went to a state college where the tuition was around $750 a semester (that’s about $3000 today). I was able to work part-time and pay it back.

Law school, however, was quite expensive. I needed loans for that.

After law school, I worked as a public defender in Boston for a while and then my wife and I moved to NYC to start a business running a LARP game, but while we were able to pay our bills, we were living in poverty. I got deferments during those years, where the loan was on hold but the interest grew.

Once I moved to Pennsylvania and started practicing law again, I returned to paying my loans.

I paid back what I borrowed years ago. I’m now only paying interest, and the interest I have paid is much more than the original loan. And I’m 64 years old, for chrissake. Soon I can use my social security income to pay back the loans.

And it’s not like this money is going to the government so they can have more money to loan other students. Nope, it’s going to banks that already recouped their investment.

The vast majority of people who will benefit from Biden’s plan are like me — the loan has already been paid. Now it’s just banks earning profit.

Trump can go bankrupt seven times and get out of paying his bills but students are stuck, because the banks were able to bribe Congress (which ironically included this Senator named Joe Biden) to exempt students from bankruptcy on their loans.

We should be investing in education because that leads to higher incomes and that improves the economy. Pay your loans back, yes. But these loans should be interest-free.

I also can’t help but notice all the people complaining about this were silent when the PPP loans being forgiven for huge businesses and corporations. Apparently they only complain when the government helps poor people.

cartoon by Clay Jones