Dear conservatives whose free speech rights have been violated:

I know you can no longer post on Facebook or Twitter, but here’s the rub:


Setting aside the issue that only the government can violate your 1st Amendment rights, let’s address the issue where instead you’re claiming that you’re being silenced by the Powers That Be for your views.

Some of you are complaining because of the difficulty of trying to set up a place where you can speak and not be “censored for your views” but it’s too difficult to get a foothold in the free market. I would suggest that we should look into breaking up monopolies so that companies can’t get so big that it is impossible to compete with them — oh, right, you’re are against that, too. Maybe the “free market” isn’t the solution to all our problems after all.

What we really need to do is look at what you’re really saying, because, let’s face it, no one is censoring conservative voices.

You want to start a new service for conservatives where you can discuss conservative issues? Lower taxes, less regulation, abolish the UN, whatever? NO ONE WILL STOP YOU.

What is being restricted are hate posts. Posts arguing for the violent overthrow of the United States Government. Posts calling for the murder of people you don’t like. If you consider those “conservative” views, then that says a lot about you, doesn’t it? If these sites were all run by Islamic extremists calling for violence and hatred, I’d bet you’d be the first to demand they be shut down.

“Dammit, they won’t let me into McDonald’s any more to scream about QAnon to the other patrons! And not only that, they have a sign outside that says ‘no shirt, no shoes, no service’! My rights are being violated!” NO THEY’RE NOT. You can scream all you want in your own home, but no one has to be forced to give you a place to scream. You have the right to say just about anything, but you don’t have the right to demand that anyone provide you with the forum for you to say it.

You want to join civilized society? Be civilized.