Just say no to ill eagles!

“Anti-immigrants crying about how we should help our poor here first instead of kid refugees from Central America would never help poor kids here.” – Lalo Alcarez   ill-eagles-550x400

You have to wonder about the mindset of these people.  They hate immigrants so much that they block buses bringing aid to the kids.  They’re willing to kick children across the borders to fend for themselves.

“I mean, come on,” they think.  “It’s not like these kids are white.”

These are the same people who say things like “Why do I have to press ‘1’ to speak English?” and demand that everyone should know the language while they misspell every other word on their protest signs.  These are the same people who (as Lalo Alcarez points out) demand that we take care of our own first while simultaneously fighting against any sort of program that would help us take care of our own first.  These are the same people who think that immigration is some huge conspiracy by Democrats to create more Democratic voters (who will not even be eligible to vote for many years even if we admitted them today).

There’s a reason the eagle is ill.