MSNBC versus Fox

No, they’re not the same thing.

Certainly MSNBC is the liberal news network and Fox is the conservative one. No one disputes that.

But to say “MSNBC is the liberal version of Fox” is just plain wrong.


First of all, MSNBC admits its bias. It wears its bias proudly. They’re liberal and proud of it.

Fox lies. Fox claims that it is an unbiased news source; that’s it’s “fair and balanced.” I’d say that even their own viewers know that they’re not, but many of them exist in that Bubble of Deniability where facts don’t matter — where Benghazi was a conspiracy and climate change isn’t real and Obama is the anti-Christ. They may actually think Fox is unbiased.

Second, MSNBC tries to be truthful. Oh sure, they make mistakes but they apologize and correct themselves when it is discovered. They see themselves as journalists — well, journalists who write editorials, but journalists just the same.

Fox doesn’t care about truth. They’ve been proven wrong again and again and they just don’t care. I hope I don’t have to provide links for this claim — they’re easily enough found on your own. They lie about conspiracies that don’t exist and then claim that the fact that no one else talks about them proves everyone else is part of the conspiracy (a sure sign of paranoia). They claim the economy is falling apart when it is constantly improving. They edit Obama’s speeches to make it look like he said the opposite of what was actually said. The media watchdog groups that call out lies features Fox News almost daily.

They’re not a news network; they are a propaganda network, and they do a great job at it, including denying that they are a propaganda network. And their clueless rubes buy it.

Watch whatever you want; just don’t be stupid. Watch MSNBC knowing they are biased, and take all their reporting with that in mind. And watch Fox knowing that they’re a bunch of lying propagandists who will say whatever will work to make you agree with their politics.